PICTURE – $50 (20 mins)

STRING – $85 (30 mins)

FLOWER – $85 (30 mins)

COLOR – $85 (30 mins)

TAROT CARDS- $40 (20 mins) $60 (30 mins)

TAROT CARDS (15 mins) + HALF MEDIUMSHIP (30 mins) – $110

REIKI – $125 (45 mins) | $150 (60 mins)

For String, Flower, and Color readings, Monique uses her Psychic abilities / intuition to tap into the person’s aura and gain insight for her sitters.


Traveling to someone’s home will be an additional charge. Pricing depends on where you live.

When sitting for a mediumship reading, Monique has no control over what spirits will come through to connect with you. If you’re looking to speak with one particular person and they don’t come through, come through briefly, or don’t want to talk very much, it’s out of her control. Whomever her spirit guides send to her is who she will work with..